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    Cairns Consulting and Training will help your small business grow by equipping you with the tools you need to be more competitive and profitable, and by providing your business with a clear path to achieving your goals. Whether you are exploring new opportunities, starting a new business venture, or preparing an existing business for growth, we will help you move forward by providing effective business solutions and tools.


    Cairns Consulting and Training specializes in counselling and training targeted towards the unique needs of your small business. Owner Sherri Cairns is a Certified Business Counsellor with 20 years' experience working with business owners across Western Canada. She has helped these businesses grow from start-up to full-fledged ventures.


    The services of Cairns Consulting and Training are tailored to the unique needs of your business.

    • Small business counselling and support
    • Workshops and training sessions targeted to entrepreneurs
    • Market research and business planning assistance
    • Retail loss prevention consultations and assessments
    • Integrity audits for retailers and restaurants
    • Coordination of mystery shopping programs for retailers and restaurants
  • Workshops and Training

    The core of our business is helping entrepreneurs live up to their potential. Cairns Consulting and Training can develop and deliver workshops that are customized to your unique small business needs. Whether you are looking at a lunch-and-learn session, a half-day or a full-day workshop, whatever your needs, we can accommodate you.

     Workshop titles include:

    • Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur?
    • Business Etiquette and Communications
    • Creating a Customer Experience
    • Creating an Effective Marketing Strategy
    • Developing Your Business Plan
    • Developing Your Marketing Plan
    • Finding Your Customer in the Big Box World
    • Gaining a Competitive Edge
    • Just Looking! Turning Lookers into Buyers 
    • Loss Prevention for Small Business
    • Market Research for Small Business
    • Market Research Tools - Finding the Information You Need
    • Negotiation Skills 
    • Professionalism in Business 
    • Selling to Seniors
    • Selling to Women 
    • Service Savvy: Business Etiquette for Retailers
    • Staff Retention – Attracting and Hiring the Right People 
    • Starting a Your Business: Manitoba
    • Time Management 
    • Understanding Customer Buying Behaviour

    “It is never too late to be what
    you might have been.”

    ~ George Eliot (Mary Anne Evans) ~

    English Novelist, Translator and Journalist
    (November 22, 1819 to December 22, 1880)

  • Business Support



    Market research is the backbone of any business plan, and knowing your customer is crucial to your business success. Cairns Consulting and Training will conduct market research to help refine your business plan, and assist in customer acquisition and retention.

    We conduct market research for entrepreneurs who have great business ideas but need help getting started. If you are an existing business wanting to expand or planning to introduce a new product of service to the market, Cairns Consulting and Training can help you by:

    • Identifying potential markets
    • Performing a competitive analysis
    • Setting realistic expectations and goals.



    Cairns Consulting and Training provides one-on-one business counselling for small business owners and entrepreneurs. Owner Sherri Cairns is a Certified Business Counsellor with over 15 years’ experience working with small business owners just like you. Whether you are looking for new ideas, or assistance with a business plan, Cairns Consulting and Training can put you and your business on track, and help your business grow into the successful venture you have always dreamed of.

    Cairns Consulting and Training can help:

    • Review your business plan and provide guidance before you seek financing;
    • Advise you on sources of financing, as well as refer you to other businesses, organizations or individuals that can assist you;
    • Provide information and research needed to expand your business into new markets;
    • Provide business counselling and support on various matters affecting your business.

    You don’t have to do it alone.  Avoid costly mistakes and wasted time by talking to someone.

  • Retail & Hospitality


    Every business is susceptible to theft and yours is no different. In Canada, retail losses due to inventory shrinkage total billions of dollars annually. Inventory shrinkage is a combination of employee theft, shoplifting, vendor fraud and administrative error. Much of this loss is preventable with increased awareness and by implementing proper procedures. How much of your business is lost to shrinkage?

    With over 25 years of experience in retail loss prevention, Cairns Consulting and Training provides consultations and assessments to businesses that improve profits by reducing losses due to shrinkage. An experienced evaluator visits your business to meet you to discuss loss prevention procedures, areas of potential loss, and store layout and design. Depending on the requirements of your business, a detailed assessment is undertaken that includes shrink-reduction strategies and recommendations. Anonymous visits can also be undertaken to evaluate loss prevention procedures from a staffing prospective.

    In addition to individual assessments, Cairns Consulting and Training also offers in-store staff training that will assist you and your staff in identifying areas of loss within the business.


    You cannot be present at your business 24 hours a day. Mystery shopping and integrity audits allow you to see how your business performs when you are not there. Each assessment is customized to the unique needs and requirements of your business. Based on your predetermined criteria, an anonymous shopper visits your business and makes a detailed, objective assessment. Several visits can be made over a period of days, weeks or months.

    Mystery Shopping Program

    While each shopping or dining experience is unique, there are certain consistencies that your business might want to maintain in order to ensure that each of your customers gets the most out of their experience. Mystery shops assess how your employees interact with your customers on a daily basis. Not only does this allow you to see your business through the eyes of your customer, it is also a way to measure how effective your customer service and training programs are.


    Integrity Audits


    Internal theft and procedural errors are potential problems in any business, and cost Canadian retailers millions each day. Most employees are honest, but the few that are not can put you out of business if left unchecked. Integrity shops are used by businesses to evaluate employee procedures, detect employee theft and assess customer experience.


    Cairns Consulting and Training would be happy to put together a customized program for you and your business.

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